The Cost of Discipleship

Breaking Comfort, Convenience and Choice

(A Bible Study on Luke 9:57-62)


I saw in this passage how Christ is exacting discipleship. The first man volunteered to follow Jesus wherever He would go while considering only geographic location. But by saying that He had no home to stay unlike the birds having their nests, Jesus pushes this man away from his comfort zone as a test for his faith. If you would want to give Jesus unlimited commitment, you should consider up to the point of your death…wherever He is calling you.

Then He said to the other man, “Follow me!” However, this man told Him that he needs to bury his dead father before he could follow Him. This reason seems very valid since we all have responsibilities for our families. But Jesus clearly told the man to let the dead (dead in this sense means those who are spiritually dead) to bury their physical dead while those who are spiritually alive in Christ should proclaim His name throughout the nations. Here, Jesus does not mean to abandon family because He, Himself, gave our family to us. Instead, He wants disciples who are willing to put Him first than their family as family could hinder them from following Christ. He does not want a delayed commitment. 

The third man gave an excuse to bid good-bye to his family first before following Jesus. How Jesus responded was again kinda shocking because He did not allow this man to go home. This is somewhat a distraction to him while following Jesus. Again, Jesus reminded the man that as a farmer, he cannot plow a straight row while looking backwards. Life must be lived forward. We are reminded to never look back at our old, sinful and shameful past because Jesus has already enabled us to live securely in the present. He wants a focused and free from distractions commitment.

Indeed the cost of following Jesus is so great that it requires every follower’s death to himself/herself. Do not let anything hinder you from following Christ wholeheartedly – NOT even your family!

As Hillsong sums it all,

When You call I won’t refuse

Each new day again I choose

When You call I won’t delay

Each new day again I’ll stay.


I have decided to follow Jesus, surely there’s no turning back.


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