Just Friends: Are You Sure?


“What’s wrong with two people spending time together?”


“We’re just friends.”

“Are you sure?”


Let’s clarify this: I am not against guy-girl friendship. I’m all up to it. Thinking of it now, I even have more guy friends than those from my gender.

By this means, my heart has fallen to plentiful of mistakes. Not all of my guy friendships started pure. Because oh dear, there are just guys who seems to be “The one.”

I recall the time when a guy friend walked me from church going to the place where I’m having my ladies small group. Mind you, I have already planned our wedding, naming our kids, and designing our beautiful home during that 15 minute walk. I am not joking. I have been guilty of this while my poor guy friend had no idea how adorable our kids are.

Although when asked by one of my…

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