When Jesus Inspires You

[Philo 10 Class Discussion]

Philosophy 10 deals with the different approaches to philosophy. This is not a required course for my degree but I took it  because I love philosophy. I was so excited when we started discussing, since learning different worldviews has become my interest, like for real, as in 11/10 rating. I love deep thoughts and concepts and ideas. It so happened that my professor is one of the best profs in Philo (well at least that’s what I saw in his evaluation and ratings).

Within the span of three months we were able to discuss Thomas Aquinas and the existence of God, Plato and Socrates and the meaning of life. We also read the novels; Heaven is for Real and The Little Prince.

Some people say that the middle part of a story is the most interesting. But some says that the end, giving you a sense of closure, should be the most awaited part. But before we can understand the whole story, I guess we have to start from the beginning.

“Jesus was the most successful rumor”

That sentence struck me the most. It was uttered by my professor in front of the whole class during the introduction of the course. I wanted to ask him how can he say so. Of course I cannot cut him since he doesn’t want someone butting in while he’s speaking. I was kinda sad and pissed of at the same time knowing that there are a lot of evidence proving the existence and resurrection of Jesus. I wonder if he’s looked into the person of Christ before voicing out such utterance. Honestly, he’s historically inaccurate if he would push that point further. I’m kinda disappointed that a respected professor, whom I personally look up to wouldn’t look into his thoughts more carefully before they could become words. Words that never be taken back no matter what you do.

This is a serious problem the academe is facing nowadays. The academe, is locked up in a paradigm that says “we are non-sectarian” which means they are not promoting any belief system and thus, prohibiting the “indoctrination” of the Christian faith. More often than not, however, Christianity has been maligned and criticized without giving it the chance to correct the misconceptions some people label it. But! I did not write this blog to mock the university I’m in. I cannot blame it for being “open to possibilities”.

I wrote this amateurly but wholeheartedly to show how grateful I am for the wonders the Lord has been doing in my university.
Since last week we’ve been discussing about Socrates and the meaning of life. We also  discussed the different perspectives on the meaning of life like humanism, stoicism, hinduism, theism, hedonism and many more. My Prof encourages us to ask questions or clarifications which is actually a good thing about him.

Below is the conversation I and my prof had few hours ago. I have forgotten some minute details about our conversation but I tried my best to input the important parts.


Prof: *asks me* Lily you seemed inspired to live, I see that in you eh. Why?

Me: Uhm… because I have been given the life.

Prof: Yes, I see that in your shirt

*insert “Given Not Earned (Eph 2:8-9)” shirt*

So you are living for the giver of that life, right?

Me: *nods + smile*

Prof: So what do you live for?

Me: I live for Christ

Prof: Why?

Me: Because He died for me.

Prof: I can die for you also, will you live for me?

Me: No

*hahaha bad me*

Prof: Why? Your mother also gave you life, somehow, but it’s not the same with Christ, why? What do you have for Him?

Me: uhm di ko po gets ung tanong haha

Prof: I mean why don’t you want to do this and that. Are you afraid of Him?

Me: No

*Ahhh finally I got it!!!*

Me: Because I love Him!

Prof: You see love is the Equalizer of all. We will study it next week.

—end of convo—

I’ve been praying for my Prof since he said that “Jesus was the most successful rumor” in class. I don’t know exactly how he sees me as religious haha but I admitted that I am a Christian when he asked us, so maybe it was the reason. He would often jokingly say that I am religious but I was not offended even a bit. I would only give him a smile or a silent laugh. Not because I’m apathetic but because I know personally that I am not religious, I just love Jesus. And mind you, there is a world of difference between those two.

I just want to praise God for today! I’ve been praying that he will ask questions so I can, in any way, share Jesus and boom! I am always excited to present the reason for the hope I have in Jesus (1 Peter 3:15) to anyone who’ll ask me. Indeed, the Lord faithfully answered my prayer. Much better, not just my prof but all my classmates heard our conversation. Huhuhu naiiyak ako ang galing ni Lord! All glory and praises belong to Him alone! :))

On the other hand, it was an affirmation for me. Yes, we had reports where I shared about the book of Revelations as a reference when we discussed the novel Heaven is for Real and I also shared about what I learned in somehow losing my best friends because of my pride, but I don’t think that’s enough reason for him to tell me that I looked so inspired in living my life. Well… I guess Jesus’ light was truly that inspiring! I was reminded of Matthew 5:14 where Jesus commands His followers to be the light of this dark world.

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 

15 nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.  

16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Hearing that I am living an inspiring life really has an impact in my life. I am truly in awe of the light that is in me, the light that saved me from total darkness. Such “inspired life” was only a reflection of Christ’s love radiating maybe because I cannot contain it. I am encouraged to continue living for Jesus for the rest of my life knowing that I am not wasting my existence in this world. I hope and pray that people who see me living an inspiring life because of Jesus would also desire to live their lives for Him as well.

Be inspired with the love of Jesus.

And when He inspires you, it’s time to inspire others as well.


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