How I met Him

I found Him – NO – He found me


I used to believe my life doesn’t have an impact

The world will spin with or without me, that I knew for a fact.

Yet still, I lured myself into thinking that doing something good enough

To at least make this world somehow laugh.


I used to believe I’m better than someone else

Well, at least I run to church when I hear its ringing bells.

You failed? Cursing is not something that I would do

Though at the back of my mind I’m saying “boo!”

You see, I’m not perfect but neither am I worse than most

And oftentimes that’s something that I boast.

I used to embrace a ritual, a religion

That says “at least I’m a good person in my region.”


I used to believe I knew God

And honestly, I never find it odd

Until one day there’s this Man

Who told me “You’re as empty as a noisy tin can.”

He said, “I stand at the door and knock,

Please don’t turn your back”

I said, “Who are you?

Tell me that I may believe in you.”


He said, “I am who I AM’

And so I was confused who’s this “I AM”

He said, “your religion says do everything you can do

I AM the One who fulfilled them all for you.

I AM the One who has the living water,

Drink from Me and you’ll never get thirsty after.

What you need is more than morality,

‘Cos you need a Savior to save you from your iniquity.”


To cut the long story short,

I trusted this Man to defend me in His Father’s court

And His Father gave me forgiveness at that time,

Because 2000 years ago this Man paid the price for my crime.

Since then, I was never the same again.

I remember that’s in the year 2010

When my heart of stone became flesh,

I now have new desires that are fresh.


As I grew older, I discovered how this worldview actually have an order

Which made me become more confident and bolder

The life I thought as useless and meaningless

Jesus blessed to bless

The exhausting life of trying

Turned to a hopeful life of trusting.

And by the grace of God, I am continually changing.